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Author Topic: UGG Hale is new fashion  (Read 15709 times)
« on: December 30, 2010, 07:39:37 AM »

Supermodel and fashion editor has become a new fashion idol. Female people struggled with leather, rivets, men's jacket and rock star jeans armed themselves. Sylph don't have the slightest cool, hale is new sexy.
Who wants to be red pink beautifuls woman? Certainly not Deborah Watson. "If I saw something in the closet flower design or pink clothes, I will think: 'well, really ugly! I don't want to wear this,'" she said. Watson from New York, is a fashion modelling division, she likes big T-shirt, jeans and a black hole grey cotton-padded jacket, hate typical of feminine flavour dress up. "Any girls gas clothes, make me feel GuaDan," she said,classic ugg boots, "my fair lady don't have the slightest cool."
Already more and more women are like Watson that, to can attract the opposite sex of traditional costume sniffy, sweet they didn't like woman flavour dress, stiletto heels and bud silk, just like to wear adorn nails or leather elements of clothes, masculine jacket and rock star jeans. This to a more powerful more street style of support reflected women are pursuing more adventuresome tempting.
If the ScarlettJohansson was semi-naked posing sexy everyone's idea of sexy stunner, then wear black suit and boot of CarineRoitfeld is new sexy representative. Such looks some total messy modelling, still can be in many fashionable personage saw.
"Today's women want to give a person leave 'sexy woman entrepreneur,Juicy Sunglass, rather than pitiful quest victim beauty" impression." New York fashion Stylesight, senior director of forecasting the article Graubard said. Choose in difficult moment arm themselves, reflecting contemporary female begin to question the traditional gender roles, but also in their economic status of a kind of response.
"So-called luxury - people tired," owns two pioneer boutique of Tatsugo Yoda said, "everybody wants more practical dress - such as military uniform jacket, shorts and classic white shirts - these clothes to wear several times a year."
And 1990s style of locomotive jacket, latex leggings and Lou mittens, they are also the key elements of muscular style. They represented "a little decadent sloppy image." New York's metropolitan museum of art curator Bolton says Andrew clothing points. In the meantime, this kind "the disorderly clad" style, "also can give a person with easy access to feeling," he said, "no perfect sexual attraction was the greatest."
This new "sexy" and add more vigorous than in the past, and a little neuter, let a person couplet remembers Patti Smith, rather than Fergie. The rebel fashion statement in recent decades have gradually eroded, nowadays, inevitably, it was fashionable to take out.
Besides leggings, military and cycling shorts Mad Max time outside, classic loose, even the ragged T-shirt, xue and pilots hat is also T stage of rapid expansion. Meanwhile, retailers are dominant in close-fitting jackets, large waist coat and conservative dress as a representative of the informal leisure clothing, as to still appear in some T stage to lace skirts and sweet girl dress correction. This season,Ugg Boots, Topshop, Forever 21 contour street brands have launched numerous style each different locomotive jacket, rock skin vest and torn jeans.
For example, Yoda shop have a neuterer fashion brand, its design all look dirty, to be artistic grunge (waste rock) style. In these clothes Aloha Rag, although look a bit rough way, but also obvious advantages - it can make people aware of those who ignored sexy parts: for example back, forearm and the collarbones. It also reflects the physical or psychological those young people advocated wayward mix build wind.
"Young people no longer subject to traditional standards," said Diane Ehrensaft psychologist, she observed many high school students and teenagers have claimed that he was thoughtful before deciding to dressed now that way.
"No matter how advocates sweet wind, magazine for my doesn't work," the 29-year-old New York photographer Jamie Chiu said, "I'm not weak woman." Chiu like leather jackets and thin leg pants so more broad fashion, she added: "on one hand, I want to be sexy, I also want to looks hale, and I don't want to disclose the body."
Natural she also reluctant to let people feel bend so as to breakstubborn type excessive, so she from model and not a movie star body for inspiration. "Agyness Deyn,Juicy Handbags, she is now the perfect woman." Chiu said. This hair untidy, like to wear odd BeiDaiKu and gentleman cap woman "not too much flaunting figure", is she now idol.
Agyness Deyn represented by the young supermodel, but from European fashion magazine editors, they are Sartorialist, GaranceDore Fashionista, such as fashion blog big star. These blogs esteem the sexy, Megan Fox is not a Hollywood 19 straightforward, but as Carine Emmanuelle Alt, Roitfeld or Battaglia Giovanna as provocative and friendly charm.
"Edit and model has become a new fashion idol," by these two kinds of artificial main subjects photo blogs Jak & Jil of publishers TommyTon said, "even stars are imitate their dress up."
Walk down T whip model is becoming a fashion opinion leaders, to tide observation town-centered Graubard said, "they know how to leverage a clothes."
For Yi hand everywhere,Gucci Necklaces, a Helen from Chicago boutiques shopkeeper speaking, like Battaglia such editor is godsend, fashionable goddess. "They shows you how to in a real world wear those high fashion. They don't modelling division help, know fashionable person can see out."
The street pats The founder of blog Sartorialist st1 Schuman said: "model gives a person with reality, so people will think they sexy, attractive, everyone think dolled up real." Schuman recently run to Europe and Australia to promote your new book, he pointed out that model and edit the influence surface.the has spread too big. "Those who come to new bookmark sale, whether they are accounting, doctors, lawyers, or a student, all know that these models and edit the name, and in walked after their style." He said.
This low-key, not exposed style, reveal a kind of delicate sexy. "For me, only invisible sexy is really sexy." Fashion brand Inhabit stylist called Susie Cho said. Neither stuffy, again not explicit, Cho said their design clothes theme is "comfortable".
She said, "it is not soft, let alone very fair lady," and began to attack recently restart popular Eisenhower era of exercise selfcontrol corsage. "That era of many modelling are very formations," she said, "there is nothing ."
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